Using Testimonials to Attract More Clients to Your Business

Using testimonialsAre you using testimonials to attract more clients to your business? Studies indicate that people will more readily make a purchase based on the recommendation of friends and relatives.  If they have not personally experienced a relationship with the person who’s offering the service or selling the products, it’s more likely that they they’ll make a buying decision based on these recommendations.

The next best thing to recommendations from friends and relatives are customer testimonials.  Testimonials have the ability to convert more prospects into buyers because they assure the prospect that others have used the product or services and have been satisfied with the results.  Using testimonials also build credibility in the eyes of the prospective buyer.

How to get testimonials

Ask.  Many of your buyers will like your products or benefit from your service but very few of them will readily volunteer a testimonial in writing.  You have to ask them for it.  Amazon does a great job of this. They will send an email about a week or so after you’ve received the item to ask for your feedback with very specific questions.

I’ve found that in order to receive powerful, detailed testimonials that add credibility to your website or your business, you need to provide a format or guideline for your customers to follow. From my own experience many of my customers would say nice things about my service, but initially I never thought of asking them for a testimonial.  When I did, they always said they didn’t know how to put it in writing.

A simple, but effective way to receive a testimonial is to include a detailed survey form in your follow-up message.  Incorporate questions in the survey form that will bring out the key points you would want to see in an ideal testimonial. Some of these could be:

1)    How wonderful they found your products or service?
2)    How quickly they received the shipment?
3)    Tell how the product or service made them feel, what emotions were affected?
4)    What impact has the product or service made on family or friends?
5)    Would the results cause them to purchase from you again?

Testimonials do not have to be limited to written.  Video testimonials have also become very popular and are very effective because people can see and hear the person who is giving the testimonial, so any element of doubt about the validity is removed. Using testimonials to attract more clients  add credibility and inspire confidence.  They are great sales tools that help to convert prospects into buyers, so use them well.

Have you been using testimonials in your marketing materials and on your website?  Would you share any of your results in the Comments field below [Read More] Thank you.


Using Testimonials to Attract More Clients to Your Business — 4 Comments

  1. Kathryn McKinnon on said:

    Great post Yvonne! You are so right about asking. I also think the best time to ask for the testimonial (or referral) is right after you’ve delivered the product or service. You know your client is happy so that’s the best time to ask for the recommendation. Having a guideline or survey is a great idea too. That way, your customer has a template to follow and can edit what you provided. It makes it easy for them to say something positive about you.

    • That’s so true, Kathryn. While it’s still fresh on the customer’s or client’s mind and they can connect the emotions to the product or service.

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