Twitter for Customer Service – How Can Small Businesses Benefit?

The buzz is on that large corporations are using Twitter for customer service. Is it possible to have a connection between Twitter and customer service for your small business? Why would you want to use Twitter for customer service?

In talking with several small offline business owners, some have told me that they don’t understand Twitter, while other say Twitter just looks like a waste of time.  But, is it?

In the offline world you probably choose to attend certain networking events because you’re more likely to meet your target market at those events.  As you increase your visibility online, you also want to be where the people in your target market are hanging out.  You can find many of them on Twitter.  By also using Twitter as a research tool you can get to know the questions they have, find out what is important to them, and provide solutions.

You want to provide what your clients and customers need, but what you think they need may be different from what they really want.  Twitter allows you to create your own surveys and ask your customers to give you feedback on your product and services.

Use your customers’ responses to improve your product or service so that you deliver what your market really wants.  You will increases you sales because as you meet your customers’ needs they will be more ready to do repeat business with you, and be enthusiastic about sharing with friends and relatives.  An additional benefit is that you’ll have to spend less time on customer acquisition as your happy customers will help you with that.

Studies show that existing customers are 100% more likely to refer their friends and family to people they already know, like and trust.  Superior customer service is essential to keep your existing customers and new customers happy.

The power of Twitter is that tweets or shorts 140-character posts are in real time.  By having an active presence on Twitter you can leverage its power by responding quickly to questions from your customers.  Not only is that prompt response seen by the customer who asked the question, but it’s seen by the people in your Twitter stream.  When they see that you are someone who’s responsive and really cares about your customers, they’ll be happy to retweet your response.

Rather than being afraid of getting on Twitter or viewing it as a waste of time, small business owners must recognize the power to use Twitter for customer service as failure to have an active participation could easily have a negative impact on your business.

Are you using Twitter to find your prospects and customers or clients? Do you know which tools to use to make this easier?  If you are a small business owners and need help connective your social media and customer service, please send an email to yjones [at] mysuccesscircleonline [dot] com.

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