Keep the WOW Factor in Your Customer Service and Client Relationships

wow factor customer experienceCould you get excited about having customers or clients who speak glowingly about you everywhere? This is possible if you have built a relationship with them, nurtured that relationship, identified and satisfied their needs so they know like and trust you. All of this results in a transformation from customers or clients to becoming your raving fans who are fiercely loyal to you.

Whether your business is offline or online making your customer’s experience with you a delightful one – the WOW factor – is a key ingredient in having customer satisfaction.

We often read that ‘customer satisfaction’ is not enough. In other words customers must be more than be ‘just satisfied.’ In my post Three Quick and Easy Ways to Build Customer Loyalty I compared satisfaction to the intense pleasure you get from eating your favorite dessert which leaves you totally satisfied. So my definition of customer satisfaction is one in which your customers are thrilled and delighted with their experience with you.

Two effective ways that online marketers can ensure that they provide a “wow” experience for their customers are:

1) Under-promise and over-deliver. If you provide a service online like a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager, you may be tempted to quote short time-frames to do certain tasks. If they are realistic that’s great, but it could be better for you if you gave yourself additional time for unforeseen blips in technology, or other unplanned interruptions. That gives you a little leeway so you’re still able to meet your deadlines. If no interruptions and you’re able to deliver on your promise early, you’re happy and your client will be thrilled as they see you as someone who over-delivers.

2) Often something more. If you sell products, enclose a small gift in your customer’s package. Based on my experience, even though we all like discounts, women always seemed more excited when I enclosed a small, beautifully wrapped gift or enclosed it in a little gift bag tied with a pretty bow. They understood that this gift was selected just for them; it made them feel special! It provided the wow factor.

Recognizing the importance of offering something more is why online marketers offer Bonuses, that is, additional resources when they have something for sale. If you do not have lots of your own products to give away, you may be able to purchase Private Label Rights ebooks or reports, modify them to make them your own and give that as a bonus. Or it may be you have giveaway rights to a WordPress plug in or other software that would complement your offer.

Would you share a “WOW” experience you had that’s changed you from being ‘just a customer or client’ to a raving fan? I’d love to share your experience and give you credit in a book I will be writing later this year.


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