Needs and Expectations of Customers: Is “Average Customer Service” Good Enough?

Recently in blog posts, articles, and forum posts the views have been expressed that customers have come to expect average or just above average customer service.  This viewpoint may be accurate, or on the other hand, it Customer Service  for superior customer satisfactionmay be flawed.  Either way if average customer service is the new reality or new benchmark, what does this say about small business owners and entrepreneurs?  Should this be your new reality?

What do you want to be known for? How does it affect your brand?

As a business owner you know that it’s important to identify the needs and expectations of customers so that they become a part of the service you provide.  Knowing what kind of results you want to achieve and what you want to be known for will help you to determine if “average” customer service is good enough for your business.  Is “average” what you want to be known for? Keep in mind that what you are known for is what will be seen as a reflection of your brand in the eyes of your customers and prospects.  Your goal should always to be identified as one who provides consistent, superior customer service!

Logic and emotion: How they affect your relationship with customers

People do business with you for various reasons.  Some may be for logical reasons – you provide the goods or services they need; but those goods or services may be provided by many other persons.  This brings us to an even more important reason why people may do business with you; the emotional element.  They enjoy the way you make them feel; you may make them feel very special; you or your voice may make them feel happier than before they picked up the phone.  If you have an offline business it could simply be that your attitude and your way of doing business generate the same warm feeling.

Stand out among the crowd!

Entrepreneurs in direct sales can benefit from branding themselves so they stand out among the crowd from the other thousands of consultants who are marketing and selling the same products.  You want to be known for “something.”  That “something” should ideally be your ability and willingness to meet the needs and expectations of your customers, and provide more than average customer service.

1)  It could be that you make an effort to understand each customer so that you can recommend the specific product which will meet your customer’s needs.  Your customers will recognize this personalized care as more than just your desire to sell your products.  They will see this as caring for their specific needs.

2)  It could be your upbeat personality and the fact that your voice always sounds excited and happy so that people want to be in your space. That’s your brand!

3)  It could also be your focus. Determine who your ideal customers are-and it’s never everyone-and tailor your marketing to meet the needs of that group of customers. You’d be amazed how your customer service will improve when you learn everything you can about your products for a specific audience.  You become the authority and expert in that niche, and your customers will appreciate this and be eager to do business with you.

Customers want more and deserve more than average customer service.  Small business owners and entrepreneurs must strive to rise above thinking that is good enough.  Be determined to brand yourself as someone who takes time to identify and satisfy the needs and expectations of customers in order to provide superior customer service, which results in quality customer satisfaction.



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