Increase Customer Satisfaction with Customer Feedback Surveys

Customer satisfaction is the end result of superior customer service.  This should be the goal of all businesses – large and small.

The Challenge

How do you know if you’re measuring up?  This requires feedback.

Customer satisfaction feedback is critical because as business owners we can think that we know what our customers need…and if we take time to get to know them we will usually have a pretty good idea.

instead of guessing, however, following are some suggestions for obtaining customer service feedback:

1.  Surveys

Many people do not respond to surveys because they are too long and take too much time to complete.

Create short online customer feedback surveys.  Don’t forget your customers who are not computer-savvy.  Create a printed version of the survey and mail to them with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for easy return.

2.  Comments Box

For offline businesses,provide a “Comments” box and place this where customers will be sure to see it, with a label or sign indicating that you welcome their comments and feedback.  Help them to see that the purpose is to increase customer satisfaction. Give them a choice to remain anonymous.

3.  Your Telephone

View your telephone as your friend.  Set a goal to contact a minimum of three customers every day.  Make these short calls and use them as opportunities to get feedback.  At the same time you will be building lasting relationships with your customers.

Do you strive to get feedback from your  customers?  If so, what methods do you use?  Please share with us.

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