Why Unexpected Gifts Build Customer Loyalty

C"An unexpected gift"ustomer loyalty is priceless! As a small business owner or entrepreneur you know that without your customers you do not have a business. Loyal customers are the lifeblood of your business as they keep it viable in spite of the economy and rising competition.

To build customer loyalty takes time and effort but the rewards to you and your business come as a direct result of –

  • Superior customer care, which leads to
  • Quality customer satisfaction, and results in
  • Customer Loyalty

One way to build customer loyalty is through unexpected acts of thoughtfulness – unexpected gifts. These can be simple and affordable, but create a huge impact in the minds of your customers because these unexpected gifts tell them that you care about them personally. They also let your loyal customers know that you are thinking of them even when they may not have spoken with you in a while.

If you are a coach or an insurance agent your unexpected gift may be a special report you wrote or you purchased which you send to your clients/customers by e-mail or to offline customers in the mail. You simply attach a note that says, “I was thinking of you and thought you would enjoy and benefit from this report.”

If you sell products you could mail out a trial-size product. You want to make this attractive so I’d recommend that you place the item in a small cellophane bag, which you can purchase at party supply stores or online, and tie the bag with a little ribbon. You mail it out in a small, padded envelope to protect the product and include a postcard or small note card that says, “Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. Enjoy this product. Warm regards…” As a Skin Care and Image Consultant my customers loved and appreciated this gesture and the response was always amazing!

You may need to create a small budget to send unexpected gifts to your customers, but it’s worth your time and money. You want to encourage and build customer loyalty, and sending unexpected gifts is one very effective way to do so. Wouldn’t you want to know that when your customers or clients are approached by the competition they simply say, “No thank you, I already have my own ______?”

We all love unexpected gifts, and my Mentor, Connie Ragen Green announced her 8-day Summer Giveaway two days ago. I’d like to share those gifts with you as I’ve already received three of the eight gifts and they are packed with valuable and actionable information. You are invited to go over the http://budurl.com/crgssg and claim your gifts. You will need to enter your name and email so they can be emailed to you. So go ahead while you’re still thinking of it and I know you’ll appreciate the eight days of gifts.


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