3 Quick and Easy Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

To some persons customer satisfaction may seem to be a mediocre goal. One person said that a satisfied customer is ‘in a state of nothingness’; they’re neither dissatisfied or happy.  Can your build customer loyalty by providing quality customer satisfaction?

Tell me, what’s your favorite dessert? Is it a delicious bowl of ice cream? A nice chunk of dark chocolate, a slice of pecan pie with a scoop of ice cream, or my favorite – a slice of Jamaican sweet potato pudding? Think back to the last time you had your favorite dessert. When your dessert hit that sweet spot in your stomach and brain and you were satisfied, were you in a state of nothing? I’d venture to say that you were very happy and wanted that feeling to last as long as possible. Perhaps you wanted that taste to linger in your mouth for as long as possible as well.

When you think of quality customer satisfaction that’s the kind of satisfied feeling you want to engender in your customers: they are very happy with your service and could not imagine going elsewhere or being serviced by anyone else. Here are three quick and easy ways to achieve customer loyalty:

1) Make It Easy for Customers to Do Business With You

Your customers are in general very busy and may do business in various ways using technology to make their life easier. For example, years ago women may have thoroughly enjoyed sitting down with their Consultant to catch up on family news, etc. and so they enjoyed the face-to-face service you provided. There may still be customers who want that, but other women may find that time-consuming. They know what they want, and they just want to get to a website and place their order or send you a text with the items that they need. Do you offer that flexibility?

2) Strive to Develop a Relationship With Your Customers

In building a relationship with your customers, the first step is to get to know each customer as an individual. Understandably if you have hundreds of customers it may be more challenging. However, it’s important to devise a system that allows you to make notes on something that’s specific to each customer so that you can target or focus on that special area in your communications.

3) Use Complaints to Improve Your Service

I’m a huge proponent of finding ways to get your customers to complain to you. Why? Try as you may, you’re not going to make everyone happy on the first try as every customer has his or her own personality, likes and dislikes.

What you do want to make an effort to find out is, if they are not happy, what can you do to resolve the issue? You want your customers to complain to you as the business owner, because they will complain to someone, which could be damaging to your business. Never dismiss a complaint as being ‘just one person’s opinion.’

What are some things you do to ensure quality customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty? Please share.


3 Quick and Easy Ways to Build Customer Loyalty — 9 Comments

  1. Business Entrepreneurs on said:

    thanks keep posting for more articles and more information thanks a lot. =)

  2. Veronica, Thanks for stopping by and creating such a beautiful picture of how you connect with your customers. It’s evident that you are committed to your customers and satisfying their needs. The result with be loyal customers who appreciate your loyalty.

    I apologize for the delay in responding as I was away on vacation and am still getting caught up.

  3. For me, because I create art that also strikes a personal cord my customers tend to desire a connection with me as well as the art they admire as a “package deal”. This possibility often transends into a request for me to create a custom piece for them which is definately worth it to establish a bond bewteen the buyer and the art. It also helps me in the design process. I do a better job when I am able to ask questions and get a feel for what I am being asked to create, when a personal and detailed connection is included in the creativity. I am in constant commitment to customers, their needs and their satisfactions.

  4. Jen Puckett on said:

    I am one of those kind of people that would literally make myself sick if someone was unsatisfied with a service. I always want my customers to be happy! I take a lot of pride in my work. However, I know that it is impossible to make everyone happy…but we can try, right..lol!!!
    Jen Puckett recently posted..10 Tasks To Outsource

    • Jen, I can appreciate that you are someone who gets very involved with what you do and you believe in showing loyalty to your customers. No doubt they will respond accordingly.

      You are so right that although you may try, you will never be able to please everyone, but you can only do your best. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts with us. They are encouraging.

      I apologize for the delay in responding. I’m going though my comments folder to clear our the spam and add a plugin to deter spam as I’ve been inundated with them and it’s been challenging finding the legitimate comments among the spam.

  5. Roberta Budvietas on said:

    One of the biggest challenges for most businesses is to remember that the buyer has what they want – the money. Good points but one danger I think that has crept into business today is that customers are permanent and the buyer has more choice today so if you handle complaints badly, forget to build relationships, the buyer has choices and for many business the customer walked a long time ago, they just have not yet discovered an alternative business to buy from. Complacency is one of the worst things you can do
    Roberta Budvietas recently posted..Never Judge A Book Bt Its Cover

    • Hi Roberta,

      Yes, it’s very true that buyers/customers have many choices with whom to do business, which is why building customer loyalty is so important.

      As a Beauty Consultant I saw this first hand. After 12 years my very first customer is still my customer and I have several who’ve been with me 12, 11, 10 years etc. At the same time when I look at my records, I also had so many customers who didn’t care who they got their products from regardless of what I did to ensure their contact with me was a pleasant experience.

      Based on my conversations with others, I believe it’s the same across various industries. As business owners we just have to be determined to do what’s right.

      Thanks for sharing. Great observation.

  6. Melanie Kissell @SoloMompreneur on said:

    I think you’ve really hit the biggest “highlights” here, Yvonne, and I love that you included inviting “complaints” and spring boarding from those to improve customer satisfaction.

    I believe some of the greatest lessons small business owners can learn are from their mistakes and from any complaints that come rolling in.

    BTW, there’s a great conversation going on over at LinkedIn via Kathleen Gage’s group, “Coaches and Consultants for New Horizons”. I posted your question about how business owners react to angry customers. Have you been following along? Kathleen and Margo shared two REALLY good stories I’m sure you’ll want to comment on!! 🙂

    Melanie Kissell @SoloMompreneur recently posted..Good Intentions vs Intentional | The Battle Rages

    • Thank you, Melanie, for your comments. Regarding LinkedIn, I’ve not been following that group, and have not seen any of the related emails.

      I appreciate that you placed my article in that group, and I’ll go over right away to catch up on the discussion. Thanks again.

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